Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in India

“Florencia Healthcare is a WHO-cGMP manufacturer, accredited as best Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in India established in 2012 with a vision to become a renowned healthcare company in India dedicated towards the improvement of human health. Florencia Healthcare has established a reputation in International Market as a provider of Quality Products at Affordable Prices. Florencia Healthcare is WHO-cGMP, Anticancer, and Antibiotic manufacturer in India and headquartered in Noida(India). Innovativeness, Competitiveness, and a Will to succeed against all odds are the qualities that are at the core of Florencia culture. Florencia envisions a leading position in the International Leading Pharmaceutical manufacturer in India and this market by building a strong business centered around the core strengths of Marketing, Innovation, and Research-driven, besides, adhering to the Business Ethics, Core Values & Culture of the organization.




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Professionally educated employees play an essential role in the development of the company who continue to permanently educate and improve themselves in order to expand the knowledge base and improve expert skills. All members of our organization are fully committed to quality and compliance to ensure our products meeting the highest quality standards. and deal with Anticancer manufacturer in India or Antibiotics manufacturer in India

 Antibiotics Manufacturer in India

Antibiotics Manufacturer in India

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in India

WHO-GMP Manufacturer in India


Antibiotics Manufacturer in India

antibiotics manufacturer in india

Florencia Healthcare is the best Antibiotics Manufacturer in IndiaI have come across. They were very good at Antibiotics manufacturing. They deliver goods on time and very professional.

Rachit Singh

Pharmaceutical manufacturer in India

pharmaceutical manufacturer in India

Florencia Healthcare is the best Pharmaceutical manufacturer in India. They are also a WHO-cGMP manufacturer in India. Good knowledge of Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing with good business ethics.

Nidhi Sharma

Pharmaceutical manufacturer in India

pharmaceutical manufacturer in India

Florencia healthcare is one of the best pharmaceutical manufacturers for the antibiotic and anticancer product. You can choose this company anytime to get quality products and services.

Arun Singh

Anticancer manufacturer in India

anticancer manufacturer in India

Quality delivery and quality product, the company is a good choice for an antibiotic and anticancer product.

Mohit Mathur