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  • Developing Innovative<br> New Therapies...

    Our researchers are focused on

    Developing Innovative
    New Therapies...

    Our mission is to build a healthier tomorrow for patients
    with progressive non-viral liver diseases
  • To Live Healthy Life

    We will Help You

    To Live Healthy Life

    Our mission is to build a healthier tomorrow for patients
    with progressive non-viral liver diseases
  • Discovery, Development &<br> Commercialization

    We are dedicated to the

    Discovery, Development &

    Of innovative therapies intended to significantly improve outcomes in patients
    suffering from life-threatening diseases.

Our Core Strengths

Focusing on Human lives, our core strength is to serve the human community.

At Florencia, we believe that great results are a result of continuous research process. We believe on mutual cooperation with our customers and We are committed to helping them with extraordinary experiences.

Knowledge of the legislation is not enough, keeping track of the continuous evolving regulatory guidelines in all the Countries is our top notch and it enables our Distributors to achieve the most efficient.

We’re research driven pharmaceutical group supported by extensive R&D department engaged in developing research-backed pharmaceutical products and inducing constant innovations in order to implement.

Our well-equipped Quality Control Labs are the backbone of Florencia’s structure, enabling us to consistently deliver top-quality products. Florencia is committed quality and in our core is quality.

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Empowering Global Health: Florencia Healthcare's Pioneering Pharmaceuticals in Oncology, Immunology, and Antibiotics

Florencia Healthcare, an Indian pharmaceutical Company, contributing to human-health and well-being world-wide through innovative ideas and research activities, in therapeutic areas of Oncology, Immunology and Antibiotics. Our high-quality products come from our advanced Research Driven Facility. Find out the list of Pharmaceutical Products we manufacturer and market.

Why Choose Us?

Florencia’s competitiveness comes from an extensive research and innovation. We are walking continuously towards making this world a better place to live. With experience of over 10 years in Pharmaceutical industry, we understand that research and innovation is the only solution to overcome technical challenges in the industrialization process.

All our products are being manufactured as per WHO-cGMP guidelines. All our products manufactured are continuously monitored by highly qualified quality control experts and quality assurance department.

A team of highly professional pharmacy post graduates are working together on regulatory documentation. Assist our clients to get early registration and marketing rights to create a win win situation.

We are technology driven company involve in manufacturing of quality medicines. We encourage the development of pharmaceutical solutions by using newest technology available.

We are highly positive, motivated and always open to new ideas, perceptions and styles. We promote collaboration with the enthusiastic pharmaceutical companies throughout the world.

Being transparent in every dealings is the core value lies in our heart. We know trust have no alternatives.

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Innovation at Florencia

Our Core R&D Therapeutics Areas

Florencia is a research-driven organization with innovation at its core a more than a decade of history. Our early investments in research, beginning one decade ago have enabled us to make a technology-based differentiator manufacturer. Our core strength lies in our ability to develop pharmaceutical products through focused and proficient teams which are highly accessible to society. Driven by our passion for what we do, our ability to find solutions, and the strength of our R&D infrastructure we can take on the most complex challenges in the healthcare industry.

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