Florencia Healthcare is a leading anti-cancer drug manufacturer and supplier in India and across the globe. To ensure the highest product quality, we take a highly precise approach to the research and development of our Anticancer manufacturer in India. Tablets, Capsules, Liquid, and Lyophilized Injections are manufactured in our world-class facility which is a WHO-cGMP manufacturer in India. Special care is taken to avoid any kind of cross-contamination or other accidents.

In recent times, the number of cancer patients is increasing rapidly all over the world. Blood cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, and breast cancer are at their highest. However, there are very few good quality oncology product suppliers that can meet the increasing demands of Market Antibiotic manufacturers in India. As an Anti-cancer manufacturer in India, we take the responsibility of making Pharmaceutical manufacturers in India available and affordable to all.

Our excellent product quality coupled with our family-like customer services has driven our growth in recent years. The goodwill of our clients has enabled us to expand our export services. If you are also looking for genuine anti-cancer drug manufacturers, suppliers or exporters then you can feel free to contact us. Our team is eagerly waiting to meet your needs.

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